Piezoelectric Technology for
Sensor and Actuators

piezoelectric, electrostrictive, relaxor, actuator, sensor, pyroelectric, ferroelectric
ceramic, film, active damping, active control, rainbow, moony, bimorph, diskbender

Service and solutions for single crystals,
bulk ceramics and thin films characterisation



Capacitance or permittivity characterisation in the freq. range 0.1Hz-2GHz and temperature range 20-1300K

Systems to electrically test and characterise ferroelectric devices (FECAPs)

Insulation resistance caracterisation (conductivity in controlled atmosphere at high temperature, dc and ac methods)

Systems to characterise piezoelectric properties of thin films by direct and converse effect (10pm)

Actuator properties (displacements from 10pm to 1mm, hysteresis, under free conditions or under load, frequency response)

Systems to characterise piezoelectric properties of single crystals and bulk ceramics under load conditions at different temperatures and frequencies

Ferroelectric switching and polarisation hysteresis loop (in particular for ferroelectric thin films for memory applications: FERAM)

Development of software solutions to control measurements and processes (LabView, BridgeView, LookOut)

Pyroelectric measurements (Byer-Roundy and dynamic techniques)

Software and hardware solutions to enable piezoelectric characterisation with an atomic force microscope

Piezoelectric resonance measurements (elastic constant piezoelectric coefficient and permittivity) as a function of temperature

NEW!! Wide support for
Data Aquisition Boards (direct data aquisition and device control) and
Automats (distributed modular I/O systems for industrial process monitoring and control)

2-dimensional piezoelectric characterisation by atomic force microscopy

Charge or voltage mode for piezoelectric force, pressure sensor and accelerometers characterisation

We are the experts to

Select the appropriate piezoelectric or electrostrictive actuator or sensor for your application

Assist your technical department with our broad applications experience

Guide you in the use of sophisticated piezoelectric or electrostrictive actuators or sensors

Support your R&D department with a professional knowledge transfer

Select the appropriate piezoelectric or electrostrictive material for the most demanding temperature, pressure, humidity and atmosphere condition at which your device must operate

Characterize your new piezoelectric electrostrictive materials/devices and suggest improvement possibilities

Purchase the best choice of actuator or sensor device

Development of new pyroelectric sensors and devices

Explore new application opportunities of existing materials

Purchase any raw or finished piezoelectric or electrostrictive ceramic material

Basics in piezoelectric technology

Basics in pyroelectric technology

New functional materials

New pyroelectric devices

Started by a team of physicists with solid experience in materials science, solid state physics, ferroelectric and piezoelectric thin and thick films, active vibration control and active damping applications, functional ceramics fabrication and material and device properties characterization, this service of Infoprint aims the promotion, development, utilization and distribution of piezoelectric and electrostrictive actuator and sensor in the industrial and research domain by providing hightech knowhow and scientific support.

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